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The MedTech NAVIGATOR programme is delivered by Health Tech Enterprise and supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The MedTech NAVIGATOR aims to identify clinical or organisational areas of unmet need in healthcare and provide a platform for medical technology SMEs to respond to those needs by developing innovative new products and services.

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The activities to be delivered by the MedTech NAVIGATOR programme will be coordinated around specific themes reflecting areas of unmet need, cost to the healthcare system, patient benefit and potential for medical technology innovation. Each clinical or operational theme will be explored and developed in a number of ways, including
in-depth research
in-depth research
knowledge papers
knowledge papers
workshops and events
workshops and events
Industry Clinician Partnerships
Industry Clinician Partnerships
How it works

The MedTech NAVIGATOR has a thematic approach, based on an analysis of unmet needs in the NHS, and provides an opportunity for medical technology companies to gain real knowledge and insight into the customer needs during the product development process.

For more information about the MedTech Navigator please click here.

The MedTech NAVIGATOR consists of five components as listed below.
Identification of unmet needs

Unmet needs drive innovation. Health Tech Enterprise’s unique position between the NHS and Industry enables us to work with national policy initiatives, as well as our extensive NHS member network. This way, we can identify high-level gaps and opportunities for transforming care pathways through technology-enabled, innovative solutions.

Market Insights and validation

The MedTech NAVIGATOR will help SMEs to develop a clear understanding of the route to market, including customer requirements, clinical care pathways, health economic principles and procurement processes through a series of White Papers. In addition, UK based SMEs can access 12 hours of free structured support to assist them in managing their IP, understanding the health economics of their product or seeking further funding and investment.

MedTech CONNECT portal

Expert clinical opinion is vital to the medical technology industry to address unmet clinical needs and to ensure new products are ‘fit for purpose’ within the NHS. Whilst recognised as being central to the product development process, medical technology companies often struggle to identify relevant stakeholders in an efficient and timely manner. The MedTech CONNECT collaboration portal identifies relevant clinicians and innovative companies, and facilitates collaboration between them.

Innovation Grants

By providing Innovation Grants we can support SMEs to engage in new research & innovation activities. This can be in the form of accessing expert advice, product review or longer term collaborations and to carry out early stage proof of concept activities with those who will use the products.

Impact analysis and learning

The MedTech NAVIGATOR will be delivered over a three-year period and will have specific thematic areas. Through the commissioning of an independent assessor to conduct a Summative Assessment on the project, we will assess the impact the project has had, and review project delivery, performance and management, relevance to the target beneficiaries and value for money.

The MedTech NAVIGATOR is delivered by the team at Health Tech Enterprise (HTE)
HTE specialises in improving healthcare through technology and innovation, and is uniquely connected with the NHS, medical technology industry and governmental organisations.
Technology Commercialisation Services

At HTE we provide technology transfer services to the NHS and academia. Our specialist team ensure that pioneering innovations from front-line NHS staff and researchers are identified, developed and commercialised for the benefit of patients. We have a fifteen year track record of commercial success working with partners to bring new medical technologies to market. Hosted by founding member Royal Papworth Hospital, we provide the expertise to enable NHS organisations to develop and deliver their commercial innovation strategies. To find out more about our services visit our Technology Commercialisation page.

MedTech Consulting Services

At HTE we work exclusively with industry clients developing new products and services for the healthcare market. We help clients with essential insights, knowledge and evidence during the product development process. This enables them to successful develop and commercialise technologies for the UK healthcare market and abroad. We understand markets, facilitate connections, conduct evaluations, and advise on health economics, funding, intellectual property and innovation management. To find out more about our services visit our MedTech Consulting page

The team
The programme team is
Dr Chris Warwick
MedTech NAVIGATOR Manager
Dr Chris Warwick
Chris provides leadership for the programme and is responsible for the delivery and reporting.
Evelyne Priestman
MedTech NAVIGATOR Health Economist
Evelyne Priestman
Evelyne supports the delivery of the programme with Health Economist insights and expertise.
Joop Tanis
Director of MedTech Consulting
Joop Tanis
Joop has overall responsibility for the management of MedTech Consulting services at HTE.
Veena Mohan
Innovation Manager
Veena Mohan
Veena, supports the delivery of the programme with IP & market insights