MedTech Navigator Innovation Grants
What could a £7,500 Innovation Grant do for your business?

Having access to the right knowledge and expertise is an essential part of successfully developing and commercialising new products and services for the health and care market. Key stakeholders need to be involved with medical product development, such as the beneficiary (patient), user (clinician) and buyer (NHS organisation), who often have different interests and requirements.

The MedTech NAVIGATOR Innovation Grants are designed to facilitate such bespoke interactions between SMEs and eligible Knowledge Providers, such as an NHS Trust, or a University, during the product development process. Each Innovation Grant (up to £7,500) is worth 50% of the total project costs up to a maximum of £15,000.  Your business must pay the remaining 50% and any project costs over and above the £15,000 cap.

Application form
Applicants complete application form and submit it to the MedTech NAVIGATOR. Checked for eligibility by the team.
MedTech NAVIGATOR Awards Committe
Applications will be reviewed by an experienced panel of assessors drawn from the wider HTE team.
Awards Criteria
Applications will be assessed based on i) novelty of the innovation ii) market opportunity iii) clinical need iV) value for money v) strength of team.
Successful applicants will recieve a conditional offer letter followed by a contract covering full T&Cs.
Awards of Funds
Applicants will submit an invoice for eligible defrayed expenditure under the terms of the contract.
What can Innovation Grants be used for?

Innovations Grants are designed to help SMEs gain access to the right knowledge and expertise during the product development process from eligible Knowledge Providers.

Typical projects might include:
  • Help to develop, or test, new or improved products, processes and services
  • Access to information and expertise on care pathways and workflows
  • Tapping into clinical and scientific expertise
How do I apply?

The MedTech NAVIGATOR project has a clear and simple application process to provide its Innovation Grants to eligible businesses. It is an open call whereby applications can be submitted at any time via email to: Applications will be checked for eligibility and then forwarded to the MedTech NAVIGATOR Awards Committee for review.


We are particularly keen to attract applications from companies based in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area but applicants from other UK regions are also eligible to apply.

Applicants should note that all successfully awarded grant funded projects MUST conclude by 31st July 2022.

To accommodate timelines, all applicants are required to have a signed collaboration agreement with your selected Knowledge Provider, in addition to a quotation, which supports their activity, in place by 1st April 2022, in order to expedite the due diligence phase prior to contracting.

  1. Application Form
  2. Guidance Notes for Applicants
  3. Sample Collaboration Agreement (between Applicant and Knowledge Provider)
Who is eligible to apply?

Applications will be checked to ensure that only UK businesses that meet the following criteria can apply for an Innovation Grant:

  • You meet the European Union definition of a small and medium sized enterprise i.e. employ less than 250 full time staff (or equivalent), have an annual turnover of no more than 50 million euros and/or annual balance sheet no more than 43 million euros; and
  • You are able to contribute a minimum of 50% to match fund the grant; and
  • Your project qualifies as “industrial research” under Article 25 of the GBER; and
  • You partner with an eligible Knowledge Provider.

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